Laptop Repair Pricing

Whether your laptop is running slow or not running at all we can get you up and running. There is no reason to buy a new computer when you can fix or upgrade your current system at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. The following are some of the computer laptop repair services UR Gadget Doctor provides to help you save money.

DC Jack Repair – Does your laptop only run with the battery or does your DC Jack feel loose? DC Jacks on most laptops do not have enough reinforcement and will loosen under normal wear and tear. We repair DC Jacks to a higher standard than the original manufacturers. Many times a jack just needs to be resoldered or remounted. The labor is $124.00. If you need a new jack the part is normally $35.00

Motherboard Repair – Motherboards control the following hardware such as Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Keyboard/Touchpad. If you’re experiencing issues with any of your hardware have our technician’s diagnose the issue. Often this is cheaper than swapping out your motherboard.

LCD Replacement / BacklightCracked Screen? Images keep flickering? Does your laptop boot up but after a while fades to black? No Problem! We have options for you.

LCD Replacement:

Labor is $74.50

Estimated current replacement screen cost:

  • Netbook 7″ to 12″ = $80.00
  • Laptop 13″ to 16″ $120.00
  • Laptop 17″ & up = $180.00

Hinge Replacement or RepairHinges can be replaced on most laptops. If you have a broken or loose hinge and you let it go to long it could affect your video and wireless as both of those cables run from the main unit to the lcd via the hinge area.

Plastic Case Parts – Plastic case parts can be replaced very reasonably. If the Screen/LCD case parts are broken it can affect the video.

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement – Missing keys? Water spill? Buttons keep popping off? It might be time to replace your keyboard. Laptop keyboard repair and replacement is an affordable way to increase the usability and life of your machine.

Touchpad Replacement – Does your mouse keep freezing or skipping? Is it hard to control you cursor?

InverterDoes your LCD screen flicker and show a faint image? The Inverter controls the power going to your backlights and may be causing this problem.

Overheating – Does your laptop over heat then shutdown on its own? It may be time to have your cooling system checked out. This is an inexpensive repair that can save you from having to replace your motherboard in the future. $124.00

Data Recovery – We offer quick data recovery services. We can back up your Hard Drive and transfer your data to a medium of your choice. Diagnostic to determine the damage = $39.99

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